Who we are

Founded in 2016, Neurodigm is a professional AI research and development company with the motto of “A small but strong AI research company aimed at the global market”. Our employees, united in the spirit of venture, keep up with the trends of the AI industry while growing together with the company in their respective positions.

What we do

Neurodigm researches and develops two core AI engines. One of these is the field of image recognition. Image recognition involves the recognition and tracking of objects in images. The images field is the largest market, accounting for 45% of the total AI market.

Neurodigm is a technology leader that has won awards in multiple AI competitions in the field of image recognition. The example below is an artificial intelligence system that uses image recognition technology to find empty tables in a restaurant and count the number of people.

The example below is an artificial intelligence system that recognizes the type of vehicle, plate number, vehicle color, etc. in real time on the road by applying image recognition technology.

The example below is an artificial intelligence system that recognizes objects using an infrared camera applying image recognition technology.

Neurodigm has completed development of an image recognition engine and has applied the technology to a AI-based traffic signal control system (AITCS) and has submitted an application for a AITCS patent. AITCS is a system in which artificial intelligence controls signals by analyzing traffic volume at a distance in real time.

To this end, Neurodigm has developed an artificial intelligence system that counts the number of vehicles at a crossroad as shown in the following example.

The following graph presents the results of a simulation applying AITCS developed by converging the above technologies to a city in Korea. The results of the simulation showed an average of 27% improvement in traffic flow. Ultimately, this proves that vehicles are able to travel the distance that they would normally travel in 100 minutes in an average time of just 73 minutes. Installing such an AI-based system in each municipality would be significantly more economical and effective than attempting to improve traffic flow by investing astronomical funds in constructing overpasses and underpasses.

Another area that we are focusing on is Ai-based prediction systems. Prediction systems can be applied to a wide range of fields such as structural soundness management, stock market prediction, and customized advertising strategy planning. Neurodimn has registered the world’s first patent for an AI-based Structure Integrity Management System (AISIMS).


Neurodigm is always recruiting talented personnel in the field of AI with a drive to pursue challenges. Even if you are not an expert in AI, you can develop your technical capabilities in the field of AI by working with Neurodigm's advanced AI researchers. We hope that you will be able to experience and learn the changes happening in the field of AI technology at the small but strong AI company Neurodigm to nourish and grow your dream.

Neurodigm's door is always open. Come and knock any time!

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